Monday, March 21, 2011

A definite maybe

When Mount St. Helens blew up and nobody knew whether it would happen again, I heard a radio interview with a learned and many-degreed geologist who said something along the lines of "the situation is extremely flexible. It could stabilize significantly, or deteriorate within the next several days. However, the uncertainty could continue for some time to come."
In other words, it will either get better, or get worse, or stay the same.
I feel the same way now about predictions on whether an election is imminent. Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe we won't know for a while yet.
But overall, I am tending toward "maybe no" -- Jack Layton's hip surgery, the Harper Conservatives' wavering poll numbers, the Carson scandal, the airplane costs, the potential for voters to realize that Iggy actually is a likable guy.... all conspire against a spring election, I think.

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