Monday, March 28, 2011

A noun, a verb, and "coalition"

Stephen Harper seemed to think all he would need to say to win a majority this time is a noun, a verb and "coalition".
Which has now turned around and bitten him in the ass, as predicted.
So what's next for the Conservatives? Nonsensical "income splitting" proposals and mythical family tax cuts that might take effect when today's grade schoolers have already graduated from high school? While Harper calls non-white Canadians "you people"?
For today's walk down memory lane, Dawg reminds us of 16 Harper Conservative scandals.
And here's an interesting factoid:
Harper is presently "liked" by 43,838 people on the CPC Facebook link. Ignatieff -- after all those hundreds of relentless negative ads -- is already at 41,874 on his Facebook page.
The Conservative Party is liked by 10,326, while the Liberals are at 11,296.

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