Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Minister Thug

I hate to link to the Toronto Sun, but I have to -- here's Warren Kinsella's great column on Kenney’s mean bill :
Whenever the Conservative government gets in trouble or seems adrift, Kenney can be counted on to offer up some mean and miserly new policy, a bit of dog-whistling to quiet the conservative core vote. Thus, his recent plan to deny basic health benefits to refugees.
Kenney’s anti-refugee bill, C-31, will kill basic medical coverage provided to refugees and asylum-seekers. As such, it persecutes those who have mostly come here to escape persecution. It is a distinctly un-Canadian bit of viciousness, one that will see diabetics denied insulin, heart patients denied life-saving medications and high-risk pregnant women unable to get the treatment they need. The Canadian Medical Association says it will see children held in detention centres with their mothers.
...Jason Kenney, in sum, is a thug. In the eyes of the world, he is making us less than we are, and even less than what we have been.
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