Monday, February 25, 2013

Great line of the day 

POGGE describes why basing our real Canadian 'economic action plan' on part-time, temporary, contract, non-union precarious jobs is just ducky with big business and big government:
People who feel their economic position is precarious will settle for lower wages, fewer benefits and more abuse. Their employers can look forward to bigger profits on which, thanks to those same co-operative governments, they'll pay lower taxes.
And based on the way so many politicians have embraced the latest phase of neoliberalism — the Austerity Agenda — this is exactly what was supposed to happen. Now they can really go to work on public sector employees too. Those offshore tax havens won't fill up with huge piles of money all by themselves, you know.
Emphasis mine.
It is, of course, a terrible strategy for any long-term economic stability or growth or future.  Someday the Harper Cons might understand that, but only when they themselves are out of a job.

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