Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hey big spender 

Introducing the Top 10 spenders in Canada’s Senate:
Gerry St. Germain, a Conservative who retired in November, was the top spender ($378,292), while Liberal Robert Peterson, who retired in October, landed in the fifth spot ($320,234). Sen. Pamela Wallin, whose travel expenses are being audited, ranked second-highest in overall spending ($369,593), while Sen. Mike Duffy, another senator whose expenses are being audited, was ninth ($298,310).
The top 10 spending list is rounded out by Sens. Terry Mercer, James Cowan, Nick Sibbeston, Fabian Manning, Bert Brown and Pana Merchant.
Three of the top spenders — Wallin, Peterson and Sen. Pana Merchant — are from Saskatchewan, the most heavily represented province in the analysis of top spenders.
Great news that we're number one, isn't it!

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