Friday, April 12, 2013

"Those" people, Premier Wall? 

Premier Wall gets called out by NDP leader Cam Broten for incoherent blather about gay people -- but of course Wall is not homophobic because some of his staff are gay or some gay person is nearby or freedom or something....
First Broten asked Wall about whether the Saskatchewan Education department website should mention gay-straight alliance groups in high schools, and Wall reacted by talking about religious freedom:
On Wednesday in question period, Wall said, "There are some other issues in (other) provinces that we've noted and I think we need to explore those issues with respect to the alliances. And I think specifically of religious schools .... We have to be concerned, and I hope the member is concerned, about the protection of freedom of religion, as well."
Then reporters asked Wall on Thursday whether he thought being gay was a choice and Wall reacted by talking about "those" and "some" who are "very close geographically":
"I really have not thought about it a lot. From everything I've heard from those, I know some who are very close geographically to us right now, no."
His staff later explained that he meant there are government staff members who are gay.
Broten got it right:
Broten expressed concern that "the premier has trouble saying 'gay' in question period, it sounds like."

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