Sunday, April 14, 2013

Trudeaumania part deux 

Canada's interminable Liberal leadership race is finally just about over.
And Justin is going to win:
The outcome is pretty much a foregone conclusion: Justin Trudeau, eldest son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau and the party's undisputed rock star, is widely expected to win handily....Most party insiders — including realists in the five rival leadership camps — are privately predicting a comfortable first ballot win, with Trudeau taking anywhere from 60 to 80 per cent of the votes cast.
You mean all those so-called "news stories" I have been reading over the last several weeks about how there was going to be such a low vote turnout and how Joyce Murray or Martha Hall Findlay or somebody was going to come firing up from behind and sweep the race turned out to be based on nothing but horse race journaminalism, thin air and Tory spite?
Quel suprise!

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