Friday, April 25, 2014

Great line of the day

University of Montreal professor Paul Daly on the Supreme Court decision that the Harper Cons cannot unilaterally change the Senate:

Constitutional change is “difficult . . . and why shouldn’t it be difficult?” he added. “These are the fundamental institutions of Canadian democracy. It’s not because some people in the Senate are not up to scratch that sweeping change is necessary and it’s not because the politicians of the day don’t have an appetite for constitutional negotiation that we should make it easier. Maybe we should elect politicians who are more willing to go to the constitutional table.”
Emphasis mine.

CTV News tonight described Harper as having focused on Senate reform since he was first elected Prime Minister.  No, he hasn't done anything at all to reform the Senate.  He has talked about it endlessly since he became PM.  But the only thing he has actually done is to appoint the most cynically partisan group of intellectual lightweights ever called Senators.  

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