Saturday, March 25, 2023

Today's News: Dark Brandon comes to Ottawa

Dark Brandon came to Canada today. 
It was very funny, really -- you see, our Conservatives watch too much Fox News, so they were all thinking that the Biden they would meet in Ottawa today is the weak and stumbling Joe that Fox News has created. 
But what Canada met was the "Dark Brandon" Joe, the guy who won't put up with any right-wing malarkey, and who can dish it out faster than they can take it. 
He called Poilievre and the Conservatives out on their disrespect for women, and they couldn't do anything but take it. 
A few days ago, Scrimshaw suggested the way to defeat Poilievre was to use the "he's just not ready" line:
...What matters is not messaging that will make us feel better about our righteousness in the face of evil, but messaging that makes the Conservatives less likely to win the next election, and a lot of the way people on the left talk about Poilievre – and want the Liberals to talk about Poilievre – is unhelpful to that goal....
You know what’s a really good political attack? This person isn’t ready for the gig – it’s what the Liberals had to fight in 2015, and had the Liberals not attacked that weakness with a nearly single-minded focus for the two years of the Trudeau leadership, they would have lost. ...With Poilievre, there’s been no similar resolve – and it shows. Poilievre gets easily rattled, and his judgement is suspect....
I think Scrimshaw is right - Poilievre certainly showed us today that he doesn't know how to act on the international stage: The actual news from Biden's visit was that Canada and the US have worked out a better arrangement for people seeking asylum. At least, I hope its going to be better: Elizabeth May's Peace By Chocolate gift to Biden demonstrates just how important it is for Canada to give asylum to as many refugees as we can -- not just for them, but for us, too. What a contribution to Canada these refugees have made: The Peace By Chocolate story relates so closely to this, too: Yesterday's big story, the Han Dong accusations, is already fading as everyone is realizing the Global story was based on a poor Mandarin translation, an suspected ax-grinder in CSIS, and poor journalistic judgement at Global News. As Glen McGregor reported on CTV tonight, even Poilievre adopted a "different tone" today - in the news clip, he said "I'm not going to pass judgement on these allegations because I don't know all the facts" -- from a guy who leaps to conclusions with the enthusiasm of the jack rabbits that bound through our yard and drive our dogs bonkers, this is a tacit admission that the accusations are likely false.

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