Monday, March 06, 2023

Today's Random Stuff -- dogs, frogs, and physics

Dogs, bruh!

As seen on George Takai's substack:
Moving on, here's some truth:
  Ha ha This is weirdly fascinating to watch: As is this: I don't know anything about physics, but this seems logical, doesn't it: Here's the latest COVID news: An amazing but accurate way to describe Covid: In March 2020 I remember reading about research on aerosol transmission and how difficult it was to get the WHO scientists to accept it - I got the impression that they just didn't WANT to believe it because it made control so much more difficult to manage. And business keeps trying to tell people how much they will enjoy going back to the office - umm, no: Meanwhile in New York, Mayor Adams wants businesses to force people not to wear masks: When the history of this pandemic is written, I think people in the 22nd century will be amazed at how many of our politicians seemed to want their voters to get sick. 

Finally, Twitter stories:

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