Saturday, August 12, 2023

Weekend stuff: Craig Baird history and Tevye stories and funny posts and animal crackers

Here's someone every Canadian should be following -- Canadian historian Craig Baird's X (twitter) feed (and the dogs in parliament AI photo above is from Craig's post here) He frequently also generates very interesting A.I. visuals: His posts often inspire others to add their own Canadian history stories: Speaking of history, here are some other notes about Canadian history: Such fascinating, unique stuff. 

For more delightful stuff, check out the Daily Kos stories posted by a contributor who calls themself Tevye - their stories are always so unique, upbeat and interesting: 
...Officer Colleran spent a few minutes talking with Keonte and felt the bond. 
He too is a brother to siblings, and he too is a gamer. 
And was moved by both Keonte’s drive to help his family, and towards his respectful and soft-spoken demeanor. 
 He took down the information, and spoke with the ‘concerned neighbor’. 
And left Keonte to continue his work. 
Which wasn’t enough. 
Once back at the station, he spoke of Keonte. He felt compelled. 
And in a short time, he and others raised many hundreds of dollars.... 
 ...Jolien being hailed as a heroic inspiration for her selflessless and her willingness to prioritize the team's interests above her own interests. 
An exceptional display. 
Such resilience and positive spirits. 
She is a true role model in the world of athletics. 
"I didn't think about it, I just went for it.... 
...She was becoming quite frail and couldn't get out of the stretcher but her mind was as sharp as a tack and she knew what she wanted". 
Dave went down to the waters edge, and collected both wet and dry sand, and a cup of sea water. 
Which they put into her hands. 
Mavis tasted the water. 
They both stood by her gurney for 45 minutes. 
She had her eyes closed much of the time with the sun on her face and the salt water in the air. 
It was a quiet time, with each person thinking their own thoughts.... 
Tevye writes such beautiful stories, all of them.

Next, a few posts that struck me as funny: Finally, some animal crackers:


Cap said...

That dogs at the cabinet table AI is looking a bit dated. Too many shirts and ties, where are the bitches? (Don't blame me, that's the word for a female dog.)

Love the historical xitters. Thanks, Cathie.

Cathie from Canada said...

Yes, its not a very diverse group of dogs, is it?
But I would hope that labs and retrievers would form most of a government anyway!
I guess Poilievre isn't there -- he would be the yappy little one, wouldn't he?