Friday, September 22, 2023

Farewell to twitter, I guess

Apparently Musk is going to try to start charging for his platform.  
He simply doesn't understand Twitter at all - he never did. Its like a pulp and paper company thinking it can collect a nickel from everyone who reads advertising handout flyers. 
If he tries to charge us all just for using the site, Twitter as a social network will be over - it will spiral down very quickly to become just few people yelling at each other. Nobody will bother to pay for such a platform and no business will buy ads on it, so that will be the end it. 
Musk deserves some kind of "Christ, What an Asshole" award for destroying his $44 billion investment in less than a year!
And at that point I will finally have to delete my account. 
Its going to take a little while for Threads and Substack to pick up the slack but I don't doubt that they will do it. 
So here's a few tweets I can still share.

First, an excellent summary: I will miss all of the wisdom about COVID that Twitter distributed to everyone around the world. 

Next, some funny comments: Excellent history! Excellent Canadian history!


e.a.f. said...

The manner in which Musk has run Twitter, its almost if destroying it was his goal. It is doubtful people will pay for it, after having been free all these years.

Never used it. Saw no point. when it comes to health, its the provincial and federal Medical Officer or check the Mayo Clinic website. For many though Twitter did put out a lot of good infornation and it could be accessed freely
We shall see who takes over. In the meantime perhaps a bit of regulation might be in order

Cap said...

Twitter is an important means of communication among scientists, and losing that instant communication is not good. Twitter was and is a much better source of timely and accurate information about Covid, for example, than Canada's public health authorities, who were shamefully slow to recognize that Covid's spread is airborne. Twitter readers knew this more than a year before our public health authorities would admit it. While I've never had a Xitter account, I'm grateful to people like Cathie who bring important news to our attention. Thanks, Cathie!

Cathie from Canada said...

Thanks, Cap and e.a.f. - in the old blogosphere, we could subscribe to a few good blogs and keep up with the world that way. But most went the way of the dinosaur as Twitter became more active. Now it is dinosauring too.
I wonder if anybody remembers now that most places have "public" utility companies (water, highways, power, etc) because people like Musk messed up the private companies so governments had to take them over or regulate them.

AI Collage Maker said...

Saying farewell to Twitter is bittersweet. While it's a goodbye to the constant stream of tweets and trending topics, it's also a chance to reclaim time and mental space. Twitter can be a double-edged sword, offering connection and information but often drowning us in noise and polarization. So, bidding adieu means a break from the frenzy and a reconnection with the real world. Whether it's a temporary hiatus or a permanent farewell, it's an opportunity to find a healthier balance in the digital age.