Friday, September 01, 2023

Trying out Threads

Threads is finally available on a desktop and it has an "embed this post" button!
So I am trying it out with this post -- I really really hope I can use it in addition to "X, formerly known as Twitter" for my posts. 
X seems to be a dying platform these days, and while I have tried out others (Bluesky, Post, Spoutible, Mastodon, Countersocial, Tribel), none of them have the "embed" capacity until Threads.
Unfortunately Threads doesn't seem to have Bookmarks yet to keep track of posts, nor can I keep track of people with Lists, so its harder to scroll through posts I am interested in and then keep track of items to use when I am blogging later. But maybe that will come too. 
In the meantime, here's some great posts I found:
Post by @newyorkermag
View on Threads
Post by @buitengebeiden
View on Threads
Post by @brittlestar
View on Threads
And going back to X for a moment, here are some recent funny posts:

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Tagore International School said...

Really enjoyed reading about your experience trying out the new social media site Threads! As someone who actively uses other platforms like Twitter, I was very curious to hear your thoughts on how Threads compares.

I like the scrollable feed you described that allows you to easily view updates and media from the accounts you follow. The ability to create threaded conversations and have civil discourse sounds very appealing - a nice change from the negativity that can sometimes dominate on other platforms.

Being able to discover new accounts and creators so easily based on your interests is a great feature. And having more control over your feed algorithm is something many users will appreciate! The profile customization options also sound superior to other platforms I've tried.

Appreciate you mentioning the smaller user base and lack of two-factor authentication as current downsides. But it's understandable for a new platform. Sounds like Threads has great potential to grow into a leading social media site! Your review has me eager to check it out and be part of this new online community. Thanks for taking the time to share such an insightful first look.