Thursday, October 19, 2023

Courageous people

I saw some courageous people in this week's news. 

First of all, Heather Kuttai. 
She has been one of my personal heros for the last three decades. Heather has been a Human Rights Commissioner for nine years and I'm sure it broke her heart to have to resign in protest from a position she was so eminently suitable for and so good at. 
But she did it:
Next, I know this was pretty small potatoes really, but I admired our new House of Commons Speaker for at least TRYING to get the Conservative MPs to clean up their act in the House of Commons: And actually, the way Poilievre treated Fergus during his statement demonstrated exactly why the statement was necessary. 
Also this week, Trudeau told Smith that her attempt to dismantle the Canada Pension Plan ain't gonna happen: Next, we should all be thanking the Canadian civil servants and armed forces members who are working day and night to help Canadians get out of the Middle East: I thought is was amazing that Joe Biden went to Israel. He could have been killed:Continuing on with recent news about the Israel-Hamas War, here are some thoughtful comments: And this gave me pause: Two things are pretty well established now: first, Israel did not bomb that Gaza hospital; and second, millions in the Middle East will always believe they did.

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Cap said...

On what basis do you conclude that Israel didn't bomb the Gaza Hospital? Israel admits its airforce was operating in the area around the time of the hospital blast, but claims without evidence that “it was with a different kind of ammunition that does not … fit the footage that we have [of] the hospital.” Naturally, Israel won't release the footage to prove its claims. Unless you can point to independent sources verifying the Israeli claims, I'm afraid that who bombed the hospital is not well established at all.

And if millions believe that Israel did bomb the hospital, maybe it's because Israel has a long history of bombing hospitals and lying about it. Here's Canadian peacekeeper Major Paeta Hess-von Kruedener writing from Lebanon to his wife in 2006, before he was killed in an Israeli airstrike that knowingly targeted the blue helmets he commanded:

“It is disgusting what [the Israelis] are doing here,” Wolf wrote in an email to Cynthia. “Yesterday I witnessed an [Israeli] attack helicopter fire missiles at a local school and destroy a brand new hospital. These [guys] are trying to cripple and destroy the infrastructure of Lebanon. What this has to do with the Hezbollah terrorists I have no idea and cannot make the connection. I agree that the [Israelis] have the right to protect themselves, but they are indiscriminately bombing and targeting the civilian population and infrastructure, which is a fucking WAR CRIME under the Geneva Conventions.”

Plus Γ§a change, plus c'est la mΓͺme chose.