Monday, October 23, 2023

Today's heroes: Travis Dermott, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Yocheved Lifshitz

Here's a post to look back on, whenever you feel the arc of the moral universe isn't bending toward justice fast enough. 
First, the NHL's despicable decision that hockey players were not going to be allowed to wear Pride symbols anymore has been defied already - not by a big-name star but by an ordinary Canadian hockey player named Travis Dermott, at the Phoenix Coyotes home opener on Saturday: Dermott told Yahoo Sports why he did it:
“You want to have everyone feel included and that’s something that I have felt passionate about for a long time in my career. It’s not like I just just jumped on this train. It’s something that I’ve felt has been lacking in the hockey community for a while. I feel like we need supporters of a movement like this; to have everyone feel included and really to beat home the idea that hockey is for everyone.”
Dermott’s Coyotes will host the first Pride night of the NHL’s regular season on Oct. 30, playing the Los Angeles Kings. And we will likely know by then whether there are any repercussions.

Next, here is a wonderful piece by Arnold Schwarzenegger, well worth listening to and sharing widely:  

Finally, this: Her name is Yocheved Lifshitz, age 85, and her 83-year-old husband is still being held prisoner. The Times of Israel also reports:
The Lifshitz couple, who were among the founders of Kibbutz Nir Oz, were peace activists and regularly transported patients from Gaza to receive medical treatment in hospitals across Israel.


e.a.f. said...

WONDERED how long it would take for a hockey player to challenge the ruling against the hockey tape. Can't even figure out why they tried to ban the hockey tape. Its such a small petty thing. oh, right that is why they did do it. The NHL violated the players' right to freedom of speech.

That certainly is a speech worth hearing.

The released hostage has demonstrated peace and dignity. We could use more people like her and less of Bibi.

Thank you for posting these items.

Cathie from Canada said...

Yes, these are all remarkable stories.
And today it was reported that the NHL will now let players use any stick tapes they want for causes they want to support.

Escritor ai said...

Today's heroes encompass diverse fields: Travis Dermott in sports, Arnold Schwarzenegger in entertainment and politics, and Yocheved Lifshitz in science and education. Inspirational individuals making an impact!