Thursday, April 04, 2024

Trending tonight: #PuntTheRunt

Canadians are laughing at Poilievre's three-word policies for anything that ails Canada -- and tonight, "Punt The Runt" is trending: 

Also today, Charlie Angus announced he won't run again, and Poilievre couldn't resist responding with the usual petty and mean whine. 
Christ, what an asshole! Charlie says: Even the Canadian media are realizing that the "Ax the Tax" position is meaningless: Here's a collection of Poilievre cartoons -- some new, and some greatest hits:


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e.a.f. said...

At least I was out of town while PP was in Nanaimo.
Saw it on t.v. though and the man just tosses language out which actually doesn't say much of anything or its inaccurate. The guy doesn't have a clue

This axe the tax shit, is so dumb. Without taxes how do these people think the country is going to pay its bills, you know like all the health care, infrastructure, transfer payments. We need to raise taxes to improve the military. Some of those small European countries are donating more to Ukraine than we are.
People need to remember we may have Trump on our southern border after Nov. and Putin on our northern border and that ice is melting, so China wants its cut also.

Perhaps we can have a couple of those large grocery chains pay more taxes. Galen Weston doesn't need all that money just for himself.