Saturday, April 06, 2024

Yeah, isn't this just what we all needed now ... bird flu!

So let's all worry about bird flu now!
No signs of it yet in Canada - but monitor the CFIA bird flu page to keep track. And at least the penguins still seem to be OK: And in conclusion, check out this thread:


e.a.f. said...

No we can not have bird flu right now. Its going to have to wait its turn. Although some parts of the country had snow storms, etc. Its fire season next and its been dry in B.C., so the bird flu has to wait its turn. We can only handle so my crisis, you know, the lack of affordable housing, the drug crisis, food insecurity crisis.

Perhaps bird flu could have its own time some time in Nov. of this year. Until then we might be paying more for chicken and turkey or beef.

Enough already. We have two major wars going, Trump is running for Pres. We need a break from all of this.

On the upside we do live in Canada, most of our politicians believe in science.

Cathie from Canada said...

Thanks, e.a.f. - yes, I agree that Bird Flu has to take its turn...