Thursday, January 10, 2013

Playing games  

It worries me to see games being played over something so important. If Spence follows through on her threat not to attend the hard-won meeting with Harper just because the Governor General isn't there then she is mistaking form for substance.
David Johnston is a nice old man in a suit who lives in a castle and makes speeches.
The only two people who matter at this meeting and who can actually get something done here are Shawn Atleo [corrected] and Stephen Harper.

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Yes.. you're quite correct. There's a whole lot of games being played here by so-called adult Canadians.

Chief Theresa Spence - seems well intended, courageous and yet also o represents the often disjointed or flawed aspects of many First Nations tribes.

Shawn Atleo (Aleto ?) seems capable and honest.
But we need to see him go down the road, meshing the Nations, defending every legitimate treaty and out maneuvering greedy corporations and political animals.

Stephen Harper likely has seen enough media monitoring and secret polls to feel a ceremonial photo op and 30 minutes of his time will puff up the corporate media on a Friday.

Will anything real be accomplished by a meeting today? No

Will having this band aid of a 'working meeting' collapse with fingers pointing and denials all round help paint an accurate picture? Yes.

Chief Spence is right to smell a rat and classic delay, defer gaming tactics from Stephen Harper. He wants all treaties extinguished, wants First Nations to instantly assimilate, or just 'go away'. He's the most dangerous, toxic, political and anti environmental creature this country has ever seen.

By OpenID diamondwalker, at 2:58 am  

What exactly can Spence bring to this meeting? She represents 1600 people and should hang her head in shame and should resign over her handling of her own reserve. Diamondwalker hates Harper, fine, hell 60% of Canadians hated Chretien, but, thinking or believing this is about Stephen Harper is crazy and naive and is so counter-productive to the cause.
We've seen young Mr Trudeau and Paul Martin do photo ops and make promises, how in any way is this helpful? Spence meets with people who cant help her but wont meet with people who can. This is a sideshow and should be embarassing to Natives. Is Spence the face you want?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:00 am  

Diamondwalker's last paragraph about Harper is right, he has no interest in our environment and would likely be thrilled if all that oppose him would just go away.

By Anonymous Wingnut31, at 11:19 pm  

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