Saturday, January 12, 2013

Star-Phoenix gets it right 

Refusing to join the knee-jerk triviality displayed elsewhere, the editorial writers at the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix understand the bigger picture: Serious talks just beginning:
Over the last generation, more First Nations members - particularly women - have been getting educated and are now connected through social media.
They may not have a cohesive message but, like the rest of us, they know what's right and what doesn't work. The Ottawa meetings and activities this week indicate that we have only just begun the process of trying to bridge that gap.
And historian Jim Miller also explains why meeting with that nice old man in a suit is so important for First Nations:
The Crown is the symbol of their relationship to the rest of society as First Nations conceive it to be. They insist on the eternal nature of the treaties they made, and choose not to recognize that the rest of Canada has evolved a different relationship to the Queen.

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