Friday, January 04, 2013

Another Theodoric of York moment 

So, Harper is going to meet next week with Aboriginal chiefs, including Theresa Spence.
Maybe this time he won't just snarl about how Aboriginal people should just shut up and be grateful for all those schools and houses and social programs.
Maybe this time he will understand that politicians cannot continue to drive wedges between the peoples of Canada.
Maybe this time he will actually show some leadership toward a federal-provincial-municipal effort to develop a 2013 version of the Kelowna Accord to improve the education, employment and living conditions of Aboriginal peoples across the nation, to embrace a new partnership for shared resource development, and to inspire Canadians toward a new paradigm with Aboriginal people which would ....
Sorry, but I just don't believe Stephen Harper is capable of this kind of leadership, and neither is anyone in his cabinet.

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