Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Whine and jeez 

I used to like Phil Mickelson until he started whining about how awful it is that he is going to have to pay more taxes on an income of merely $40 million a year. As Tbogg notes, Mickelson got his start playing on a city-owned golf course.  But now he's rich so he complains about paying the taxes that would help out other kids.  I'll bet his sponsors were none too pleased with his threats to quit playing -- now he says he's not going to insult us again by talking about how tough it is to be Phil Mickelson.
Cry me a river, Phil.

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Its going to be interesting to watch this "tax the rich" obsession over the next decade. Mickelson probably paid 15million in taxes last year, but, he's being told its not enough, he paid enough last year and the year before to build and run 30 municiple golf courses, but, its not enough I guess. Its not the amount the uber rich pay in taxes, its this relentless demand over the past few years for them to pay more, almost as if to punish them.
You could tax the very wealthy 75% and it would not even come close to solving the economic issues facing California or the US, and, you can add Ontario to that list.
Mickelson could have said it better and he does come off as whining, but, what exactly is the point of tacking on another 4% to his taxes? He could move, or, he could spend less on his charity work or, scale down his events and earn less. Its not what he pays in taxes that is the issue, its this bizarre idea that making the rich pay more well actually help, and, it wont. The best explaination I've heard about failing economys is this, imagine your bathtub is filling up and your trying to stop it from filling by using a tablespoon to empty it while it fills. Taxing Mickelson or any wealthy person more and more and more and thinking it will help is simply dumb.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:36 am  

Heh. If he paid $15 mil in taxes last year I'me the Queen of Sheba.

By Blogger double nickel, at 8:18 am  

Taxing them "more"? They could hardly be taxed any less.

By Blogger CathiefromCanada, at 9:39 am  

Mitt Romney paid around a 14% tax rate in 2011 ($1.9M on $13.7M income), after overpaying to keep his tax rate above 13%.

An average family in the US making around $50k pays about 25%.

Who's paying their fair share, again?

By Blogger sinned34, at 12:28 am  

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