Wednesday, March 16, 2005

And speaking of the right wing . . . 

POGGE posts So much for the big tent quoting the CEO of Concerned Christians Canada Inc. Pogge notes that "This guy[Craig Chandler] wants to bring the same culture war into Canada that's polarizing the U.S. . . . There's the same triumphalism the religious right displayed following Bush's re-election". Chandler has the same bland assumption that Canadians are basically conservative.
Well, no, actually, I would argue that Canada is NOT a conservative country.
We support government involvement in the Canadian economy - grants, loans, investments of all kinds.
We support medicare - we demand universal access.
We support old age pensions - in the States, there have been politicians for the last 60 years who have argued against Social Security, but there has never been, in Canada, a politician of any party who has argued against the OAP.
We support equalization payments between the have and the have-not provinces - we argue about the amount and the formula, but not against the principle.
We support orderly marketing of our products, through the wheat board, the commodity boards, etc. We don't believe in "every man for himself".
Basically, we support peace, order and good government -- that's what POGGE is all about!

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