Friday, March 04, 2005

You ain't seen nu-nu-nuthin yet 

Winnipeg Sun: Way to go, rock fans Every time we watch a show on CTV now, we are deluged with ads for the Junos. Why I don't know, because there are no tickets left, and its still weeks away -- my son says its because the ads for a Canadian TV show also count as "Canadian content" in the CRTC rules -- can this be true?
Anyway, every time I saw a Juno ad about some star who would be performing, all I could think of was how stupid the Juno organizers were -- making such a big deal about holding this event in Winnipeg, and then not inviting Randy Bachman or Burton Cummings to perform, the people who put Winnipeg on the map musically. We've seen both Bachman and Cummings do shows over the years, and they are both terrific performers, too.
So now, though still with obvious bad grace, the Junos have caved -- Bachman and Cummings will perform.
And they will blow everyone away.
Perhaps the reason the Juno organizers didn't want them was exactly that -- they are so good, they will show up the award-winners!

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