Friday, April 01, 2005

It's all lies, I tell you, lies! 

Daily Kos runs what is, unfortunately, an April Fool story - Tom DeLay Alleged to be Democratic Forgery.
In addition to Tom Delay, the story lists all the other things which true-believer republicans consider to be "media-driven forgeries".
Here's the list -- the Schiavo GOP talking points, Bush's national guard records, Bush's drunk driving records, the torture of Iraqi prisoners, the torture of Guantanamo prisoners, memos that argue for the legality of the torture of those prisoners, extraordinary rendition through countries that torture prisoners, voting irregularities, GOP staff convictions for voting irregularities, the latest North Slope oil spill, any other North Slope oil spills, Republican foreign junkets, openly conservative college professors, CAT scans, teen sex, Christians who do not vote Republican, Harkin Energy, Halliburton, reports that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, Iraqi civilian casualties, the ongoing Iraqi resistance, the First Amendment, the falling dollar, European protests of American policies, peak oil, Iran-Contra, global warming, glacial melting, the deficit, test failures in the 'Star Wars' missile defense program, the podium decorated like a crucifix at the Republican National Convention, Mary Cheney, Red Lake, the ongoing recession, stem cells, reports of the failure of Texas 'No Child Left Behind' laws, preferential treatment of Saudi nationals after 9/11, Bush's crappy performance in the first debate, Bush's crappy performance in the second debate, Bush's crappy performance in the third debate, Paul O'Neill, the Nobel Prize, Bin Laden at Tora Bora, Clinton-era budget surpluses, Pakistani-based nuclear proliferation, numbers that show Social Security is not in crisis, numbers that show Medicare is in crisis, Ken Lay, Ken Lay's airplane, pollution from coal-fired power plants, the militia movement, 'Got Wood?', warlord-protected opium production in Afghanistan, the historic separation of Church and State, years in which the stock market does not rise at the rate of 6%, anthrax, gay penguins, typewriters that can center text, poor people, dinosaurs, James Guckert, and any memo entitled "Bin Laden Determined To Strike In U.S."

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