Saturday, April 02, 2005


The "links" section on this site lists the blogs that I myself enjoy reading or use for reference -- it's the simplest place for me to have all these listed.
You may notice I have shifted things around on the Links bar, created some new categories, and also cleaned up some of the formatting (though I am pretty incompetent about fiddling around with the template tool.)
I have added a few new blogs, too, ones that I have come to enjoy reading - Juan Cole and Blondsense and feminist blogs and and suburtan guerrilla and next hurrah and poor man, as well as a couple of additional Canadian blogs Rigorous Intuition and Sean Incognito. And Penguin Papers is back.
Next, I am thinking about put each section into alphabetical order, so I can find things.
Any suggestions for other blogs I should be reading regularly?
And how about your own blogs? Sometimes when people post comments, I remember to check out and bookmark their home blogs, but sometimes I don't have time and then I forget to go back, so I would appreciate a URL for your own blog, too.

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