Saturday, April 30, 2005

I heart blogs 

One of the greatest things about blogs is how easy it is now to keep up with my own personal breaking news. No, I don't mean CNN's red banners -- I'm talking about the stuff that is important to me, the latest news about stories I am interested in. This changes week to week, of course, but lately these are the blogs I check frequently, usually daily:
To keep up with the Arar case I rely on POGGE, and for general Canadian news, Blagh and Gazetteer.
For the latest on the progress of the Bolton nomination I check Steve Clemons' Washington Note
For the latest on Iraq, Antiwar.com is comprehensive -- this site is usually updated by mid-evening each day. And for indepth on Iraq politics, Juan Cole.
For the latest on the Microsoft anti-gay policy switch, I use AMERICAblog
For the most recent news about the republican attempt to end social security: Talking Points Memo
To keep up to date on hate crimes and militias and racist organizations, I use Orcinus.
For general all-round great commentary, the choices are legion -- Frog, Liberal Oasis, Eschaton, Kos, Hullabaloo, Billmon, Blogging of the President, Gilliard, All Spin, Seeing the Forest . . .

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