Tuesday, May 03, 2005

This explains it 

So this is why the Bush administration was in such a panic to confirm the Bolton nomination -- ABC News: Global Nuclear Meeting Opens
I suspect Bolton was supposed to make a big splash at this conference.
The US delegation told the conference that the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is "facing the most serious challenge in its [35-year] history. We must confront the challenge". But the fearmongering didn't generate the coverage in the US media which Bolton's first appearance leading the US delegation at a major UN conference would have garnered.
Now logically, one might assume that the US is talking about Pakistan, whose top nuclear scientist sold nuclear technology to rogue states.
Or about how Israel, India and Pakistan need to be brought onside with the treaty.
Or about the danger posed by the old Russian nukes and the risk that they will be sold to terrorist groups or nations.
Or about North Korea, which was the first country ever to pull out of the treaty two years ago and now says it has already built nuclear weapons.
Nope, none of the above.
It's Iran of course. Ooooohhh!
The buildup to declaring war on Iran has started, kicking off with the attempt to bully the UN into demonizing Iran instead of continuing to try to negotiate. So the theoretical danger of Iran must be inflated, while the incidents and issues listed above are minimized. So much for world leadership.

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