Sunday, May 01, 2005

War crimes 

Remember how the Pentagon was able to contract out the torture of prisoners in Abu Ghraib by saying how "private contractors" couldn't be charged with any military crimes?
Well, now the news is starting to come out about the other crimes these contractors were committing -- embezzelment, fraud and murder. U.S. contracting firm accused of bilking millions and running wild in Iraq The "running wild" part in the headline makes it sound like they were just having loud parties; actually, they were killing people for the fun of it.
I blogged about this a year ago, when I said "various news reports over the last couple of months indicate that mercenaries from all over the world are also flooding into Iraq as well, to act as "security" for all of the private contractors there. Its a new gold rush for thugs of all kinds . . ."
Can you imagine how Iraq has suffered under these yahoos? And can you imagine the depth of anger and disgust they feel toward the American occupation which inflicted these people on their country?

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