Thursday, September 29, 2005

When will the Canadian government show some guts? 

So now a private BC businessman is stepping up to the plate to defend the Vancouver Three.
This story -- Private B.C. citizen to file drug charges against pot activist Marc Emery -- describes the effort of a Vancouver "philanthropist and businessman" named David McCann to block the deportation of Marc Emery and his co-accused - the Vancouver Three - to the US. He wants to get charges filed against them in Canada -- a Canadian judge or jury still might find them guilty here, of course, but they wouldn't be facing the US draconian minimum-sentencing laws which would send them to prison for decades.
"Canada has been hypocritical in allowing Emery to sell marijuana seeds and collecting thousands of dollars in taxes while the city of Vancouver gave him a business licence for his pot paraphernalia store. We have let him operate and now we let the Americans walk into our country and charge a man who they will probably lock away for the rest of his natural life in the United States for doing something that the government of Canada condoned. And you know, I got a problem with that as a Canadian.
And a lot of us also have a problem with that, too, Mr. McCann. And I wonder when the Canadian government will act.

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