Thursday, January 05, 2006

I would have supported this anyway 

Even if my son were not running for the Greens, I would have endorsed this: CBC News: Greens launch formal complaint over debate exclusion But now, of course, I am even more supportive.
In a letter to the broadcasting regulator, lawyer Peter Rosenthal calls for a revision of the debates policy, charging it is not consistent with the Charter principles of free and democratic elections. "To deny the Green party participation, it perverts the democratic process," Rosenthal told CBC News Online . . . "By restricting participation in the debate to the leader of the four "major" parties does truly drown out the voices of Green party candidates and is thus unconstitutional," Rosenthal writes . . . the party is running candidates in all 308 ridings, and received 4.3 per cent of the vote in the last election . . . Although the Green party has little chance of forming a government, amendments to the Canada Elections Act makes every vote count. A party that now obtains two per cent of the vote, will receive $1.75 for each vote for each year until the next election. Rosenthal . . . suggests a drawing line be made at those parties who have obtained at least two per cent of the vote, the same threshold needed to receive per-vote financing.
I myself would be much more interested in listening to Jim Harris rather than Gilles Duceppe.

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