Sunday, January 01, 2006

Dying of thirst 

Paul Celluci doesn't get it and neither apparently does Maclean's magazine (though I didn't read their article).
The reason why Canada cannot sell water to the US is that, once we started, we could never stop.
It would be the end of Canadian sovereignty.
Because if we started selling our water to the US, then US population and industries would increase to match the new supply. But, 20 or 30 years hence, we could never turn around and say "sorry, folks, you'll just have to die of thirst and your industries will have to dry up, because we've changed our minds and we need the water for ourselves" nor could we ever say "sorry, folks, but we just have to increase the price now; tough titties if you can't afford it ..."
Nope, couldn't be done. We would have no choice but to continue to sell our water, year after year, decade after decade, at the price the US was willing to pay.
Remember what happened to the West economy because of Trudeau's National Energy Program? Where the Canadian west took the hit so that Ontario and Quebec wouldn't have to worry anymore about freezing in the dark?
Well, that would be nothing compared to what would happen to Canada from what the US would call the Inter-Continetal Water Program, where the US would dictate to Canada its water requirements.
We'd better not start down this road.

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