Saturday, January 07, 2006

Weekend update 

So, to sum up the situation so far:
The Conservatives' loyal supporters are going to try to outlaw gay marriage, and make abortion illegal again (thanks to A BCer in Toronto for finding this one.) And in their first budget, they would raise our income taxes.
The Liberals support gay marriage, and they support letting a woman decide whether ot not to get an abortion. And they would maintain the income tax reduction.
Hmmm....for me, the choice is pretty clear. And its NOT Foreign minister Stockwell Day or Justice minister Vic Toews.
By the way, if Harper goes down in this election, here's the news story that will be marked as the beginning of the end: Harper plays his age card:
Stephen Harper says unlike his retirement-age chief rival, his relative youth means he can relate to the average Canadian and is in touch with the country's needs. Harper highlighted the age gap between himself [he is 46] and Prime Minister Paul Martin [67] yesterday while revisiting his day-care announcement . . . "Laureen and I, obviously we're from a middle-class background, and our experience with child care is fairly recent and it's in the modern era. Every leader brings different experiences to this job. I'm still considerably younger than any of the leaders competing in this campaign."
Great, Stephen -- you just insulted every Canadian over the age of 50 by implying that we are all old-fashioned, practically senile, while also reminding everybody about your own profound lack of experience running anything.

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