Saturday, June 24, 2006

Why I will never subscribe to The New Republic 

If you can't lead and you won't follow, then get out of the way.
Today Hunter writes:
[New Republic magazing owner Martin] Peretz writes two paragraphs of personal attack blasting the shabby illiteracy of personal attacks, ignores the issues raised as to his magazine's own 'reporting', and considers himself smugly vindicated.
Perhaps he is. And perhaps that demonstrates, as much as anything, the tattered shreds of that old and once-proud banner, one that many of us will no longer pretend at propping into relevance.
Yes, that pretty well sums it up.
Perez starts off his little rant by proudly stating that he had never read Daily Kos before.
My question is, why not? The largest progessive website in the United States, with close to half a million readers a day, and the owner of a supposedly progressive magasine is proud of himself that he doesn't read it?
He just doesn't get it.
The New Progressives like Kos and left blogistan are trying their best to work with the "old progressives" like the Kewl Kid pundits, the Democratic "strategists", the "liberal" columnists -- but make no mistake, the New Professives are now leading this parade.
If the Oldsters aren't willing to follow, to engage in discussion rather than garbled attack and insult, they will be left behind by history.
The public always knows who is really on their side. And who is not.

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