Friday, October 13, 2006

Are Canadian soldiers still turning prisoners over to the US? 

Olbermann said on Countdown the other night that after all the big rush two weeks ago, Bush still has not signed into law the Military Commissions Act -- you know, the act informally known as the "torture bill" which allows accused terrorists to be tortured and denies them habeus corpus.
Hmmm. Let's connect some dots.
The official explanation, apparently, is that Bush has been too busy. But I wonder if that explains it.
One of the aspects flagged by Alison regarding the Arar case was the pious statement from the US that Syria had given "assurances that his treatment would meet the standards of the Geneva Conventions".
Civilized nations cannot, or should not, turn prisoners over to countries which will not treat them humanely.
And once the Military Commissions Act is signed, America can no longer officially say that accused terrorist prisoners will be treated according to the Geneva Conventions.
So once that awful bill is signed, can "civilized"nations still turn prisoners over to the world's newest rogue state?
Perhaps Peter MacKay or Jack Straw whispered a quiet word to Condi . . .

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