Sunday, October 29, 2006

Stupid driving 

Why would parents drive like this?:
. . . the car was trying to pass three other vehicles in a no-passing zone outside Henryville, Que., when it struck an oncoming vehicle.
Result: children orphaned.
There are times -- more often than I am aware of, probably -- when I drive poorly. But driving stupidly is another issue. Its the opposite of defensive driving; its offensive driving.
The worst offensive driving we ever saw was one summer day between Banff and Lake Louise - single lane, lots of curves, lots of RVs, lots of trucks -- and crazy people constantly pulling out to pass four, five, six vehicles at a stretch, relying on someone else to pull over and let them back into line or else for the oncoming traffic to hit the shoulder.
UPDATE: Commenter SouthernQuebec notes that police are now saying it was the other driver who was driving stupidly and caused the accident, not these parents. A tragedy either way, of course, but at least these poor people were not endangering their own children.

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