Saturday, January 27, 2007

Climate change photos 

Here's the Globe and Mail's wonderful photo gallery relating to their story on global warming. Above is the cover photo of Greenland's disappearing glaciers. Below are the rest of the photos, with the cutlines from the website. Columnist Jeffrey Simpson writes:
Climate-change scoffers are now as rare as defenders of the invasion of Iraq. Reasonable people, in Canada and abroad, can differ over the means to combat the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that produce climatic changes, but only a dwindling few now deny changes are occurring — and that more will occur, with mostly negative effects.

A woman walks on the dried-up river bed in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality. Photo: China Daily News.

A farmer walks through a dusty field after the barley crop that was planted in it failed in Parkes, Australia. Photo: Ian Waldie/GETTY IMAGES

Mike Davis scrapes ice from his car windows after a winter storm in Austin, Tex. Photo: Ben Sklar/GETTY IMAGES

Oranges are covered in ice at a citrus orchard in Fresno, California. An estimated 70 per cent of California's citrus crops have been damaged by a severe cold snap. Photo: Justin Sullivan/GETTY IMAGES

Sheep drink from a dam in the drought-ravaged farming areas of the McLaren Vale region in South Australia, 80 kilometers southeast of Adelaide.

Scientists say the vast icy landscape of Greenland is thinning, and many blame global warming. Photo: John McConnico/AP

An iceberg carved from a glacier floats in the Jacobshavn fjord in southwest Greenland. Photo: Konrad Steffen/UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO

A polar bear on the hunt prowls across ice floes in the Arctic Ocean. Photo: Donald M. Robinson/AP

Three polar bears on the Beaufort Sea coast within the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Photo: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

A vehicle lies buried under a fallen tree and snow in Vancouver's Stanley Park.

The stump of a tree sits shredded in Vancouver's Stanley Park. A devastating windstorm felled hundreds of trees, many well over a century old.

Workers in Vancouver's Stanley Park clean up the damage caused by a severe storm. Photo: John Lehmann/THE GLOBE AND MAIL

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