Thursday, January 04, 2007

I read the news today, oh boy

Buh-bye, Rona: CP reports that Ambrose is gone from Environment. And I thought this was an interesting observation in the news story:
Ambrose's allies say her fierce loyalty to Harper ultimately hurt her, as she allowed some in his office to micromanage her portfolio in areas of both policy and communications.
She forgot that her job was to "minister" to her department, not to the PMO.

Whew! I hate shootouts but at least this time we won it.

Three parents? Well, why not? Sure, there may be complications, but this court decision resolves the inequity and unfairness of the existing law and, most importantly I think, revises the law to reflect Canadian reality (rather than contorting reality to fit into an outdated law). Beyond gay parents, there are many other situations where legal recognition of family responsibility and accountability could be appropriate, like grandparents and step-parents.

MSNBC's relentless promotion of its live coverage of Congress -- as though Nancy Pelosi is going to start passing legislation tomorrow morning -- sort of reminded me of this. And the Pearl-Clutching is right on schedule.

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