Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday talk

LiberalOasis' Sunday Talk Show Breakdown is my "don't miss" weekly feature and one of the reasons I admire Bill Scher and Liberal Oasis so much.
Scher is one of the clearest-thinking writers on the web, and his analysis of the political "tilt" in the US Sunday talk-shows provides a frame for the stories of the previous week and for the upcoming spin.
On Democrat motions to try to stop the Iraq war, Scher writes:
Bush will ignore whatever Democrats do. That's not the point. He's going to keep us in Iraq come 2008 no matter what, so long as he's President.
The point is to make it clear to the public that Democrats are trying to change the course, have a plan to change the course, and if the course isn't changed, that's all on the shoulders of Bush and his supporters.
Then the public knows what it has to do to change the course. Change the occupant in the Oval Office.
There's the message for the next two years.

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