Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I read the news today, oh boy 

Playing cowboys in Iraq: Now the Brits are saying their sailors were captured in retaliation for the provacative US raid on the Iran consultate in Kurdistan in January -
The attempt by the US to seize the two high-ranking Iranian security officers openly meeting with Iraqi leaders is somewhat as if Iran had tried to kidnap the heads of the CIA and MI6 while they were on an official visit to a country neighbouring Iran, such as Pakistan or Afghanistan.
Dave has comments on this story, too.

Gonzo journalism: My reaction to this story about how Rudi Gulianai's wife once had a job demonstrating surgical staplers for veterinarians is So What?

The Big Hurt: Here's the Blue Jays commercial that caused all the fuss. Seems a bit of an over-reaction to me.

Deja vu all over again: Glenn Greenwald suspects that ABC's hysterical "scoop" about Iran's nuclear capacity is just a bunch of hogwash -- particularly considering that the whole story is sourced to "sources". I bet I know where one of those sources is hiding.

One minor point about the whole US attorneys scandal: One of the reasons all those US attorneys were fired was that the Bush administration could replace them without congressional hearings, because of a provision slipped into the 2001 Patriot Act which nobody knew about because no one had ever actually read the Act. So what I wonder is this -- has anyone read the Patriot Act NOW? And what other unnecessary, authoritatian outrages were also slipped into it at midnight by the Bush administration? I'm sure there is more -- with these guys, there's always more.

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