Saturday, April 14, 2007

One very good result of the US Attorney scandal 

One result of the US Attorney scandal is that juries and judges will no longer find any of their prosecutions to be credible. And given this terrible story, that is a very good thing.
You will be utterly disgusted by this one -- in an effort to tarnish a Democratic governor and apparently also to save his own job, the Wisconsin US attorney charged a 55-year-old state employee with corruptly awarding a government contract to a Democratic firm. He got the jury to convict her -- apparently they found it very suspicious that she didn't admit her guilt -- and she spent four months in jail. At the end of February, the federal appeal court threw the case out -- the judges overturned the conviction and ordered her released on the very same day that they heard the oral arguments in the case, saying the evidence was "beyond thin".
So no one in Wisconsin will ever believe that prosecutor again.

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