Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Cucucu Bird 

Once again we hear the cry of the Cucucu bird - "C-c-c-christ its c-c-c-cold outside!"
There is actually one advantage about living in Saskatchewan -- after you have lived here, you realize you can live anywhere in the world. Weather simply is not a factor anymore.
When we lived in Victoria, we met people who were actually handicapped in their careers because they simply couldn't imagine living anywhere in Canada except the West Coast.
Us Saskatchewan types know that we can take 40 below or 40 above, doesn't matter, we're tough!
Now our cars, on the other hand . . . pretty wimpy, some of them. When we turn the ignition key, that's we hear the Rururu Bird -- "I'm not going to ru-ru-ru-run-n-n-n-n today!"

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