Friday, January 11, 2008

Gracious good afternoon 

Oh that skdadl -- who else would think to call this ridiculous story the wrath of Ernestine? And then follow it up with some great Youtube clips.
The question that occurred to me was this -- didn't these telecom companies put the security of the free world at risk when they cut off these wiretaps just because of mere filthy lucre? How dare they! They didn't have any constitutional principles when it came to setting up these wiretaps illegally, so how come they all of a sudden got these business principles just because they didn't get paid on time. And isn't it just wrong to allow this traitorous behaviour to go unpunished by passing legislation which would immunize the telecom companies from any lawsuits arising out of these wiretaps? And ...... oh, did I get that backward? Never mind...

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