Friday, March 14, 2008

Great line of the day

From The Daily Show:
STEWART: The crazy thing is, this guy, Governor Spitzer, apparently visiting prostitutes for years, as he was prosecuting prostitution.
OLIVER: Yeah, but Jon, this is what politicians do. They rail against the thing they desire the most. Look at Congressman Mark Foley. Headed the committee to protect children from sex predators while trying to pick up underage interns on line.
STEWART: Larry Craig…
OLIVER: There you go.
STEWART: Senator Larry Craig voted repeatedly against gay rights, caught soliciting gay sex in a bathroom.
OLIVER: Very good. Or um, President Bush. How’s that? Promotes democracy abroad, withholds as much information as possible at home.
STEWART: That’s exactly right. He criticizes human rights abuses…
OLIVER: Exactly. Yet, runs his own floating S&M dungeon just south of Key West.
Emphasis mine.

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