Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Iran update 

Fallon's Resignation Is Not Seen as Step Toward Attack on Iran reads the Washington Post headline.
Well, that's a relief!
All the experts contacted by the Washington Post think that Fallon's resignation is nothing to worry about because war with Iran just doesn't make sense, for all sorts of sensible reasons. And on the Post goes, for 15 sensible paragraphs.
But then they throw in this little tidbit right at the end:
The key unknown variable is Bush, who has repeatedly indicated he does not want to pass on problems to his successor.
"I think there is a possibility that the president would feel that he could not leave without trying to address this problem," she said. "Nobody knows what the president thinks, and all I can say is to go by what he says -- and he has always said he thinks he has to deal with this problem."
So the man with the mission will do what he wants, regardless of what the sensible experts think.
I knew that headline was too good to be true.

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