Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hurricane America

From James Howard Kunstler:
McCain-Palin have nowhere to go now but down, and I will tell you exactly how this will happen. They can run away from President Bush, but they can't run away from the Republican Party. The Republicans will be regarded from now on as 'the party that wrecked America.' Over the weeks ahead, as carnage in the economy and the financial markets ramps up, it will become increasingly clear.
And James Carville actually said something sensible along the same lines -- "It's the economy, stupid" rises again.
I wonder if Harper can run fast enough in this election campaign to escape blame for the damage from Hurricane America, which apparently is going to drown the US economy. Canada would get soaked as well, perhaps also swamping any chance to implement Dion's Green Shift. Interestingly, this was described by Ottawa Citizen columnist Susan Riley as a brave, far-sighted idea:
...if [Dion] goes down, he will take his much-ridiculed and only partly understood Green Shift with him. That will be a catastrophic missed opportunity.
For all its intricacies, the Green Shift amounts to a straight-forward revolution in the way we are taxed; in what we, as a country, reward and what we discourage. It may be the boldest, most transformative policy advanced by a major Canadian party since free trade.
If Harper gets reelected, however, we'll be swirling down the US drain.

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