Sunday, September 28, 2008

StealthCon II: The Stealthening

Here's my StealthCon update for today, to add to the four from BC already hunted down by RossK and the nine more listed by the Liberals here.
In Comments, Penlan reports this one:
The Con in my riding, Perth-Wellington, in southwestern Ontario, has also been a no-show for all-candidate debates. It's Gary Schellenburg.
while Mound of Sound adds:
Nanaimo-Alberni, incumbent Reform/Alliance/CPC James Lunney isn't even putting up more than a few campaign signs.
At The Galloping Beaver, Dave reports on the Kamloops Thompson Cariboo riding, where StealthCon candidate Cathy McLeod is refusing interview requests from local media.
And Dave, in reply to your musical tribute to the StealthCons, how about this one?

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