Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I Joined Liblogs

So Jason Cherniak emailed me to ask why I joined Liblogs and this is what I replied:
Oh, I've been a liberal for a long time, and finally realized I should join Liblogs to make sure I can keep up with what the other liberal bloggers are saying.
I do believe this is a very important election -- for one thing, it is crucial that Harper not get a majority, plus I would love to see what Dion could achieve as Prime Minister.
I supported him in the leadership race, but since then I have been disappointed that his instincts just don't seem to be sufficiently political. And he should have given top priority to improving his English, particularly to developing (or having somebody write for him) vivid and assertive "soundbites" which he could be using to explain his policies and priorities .
But I have great hope, now that the campaign is finally here, that he will bear down and start being a politician. Signs are good so far, I think -- his speeches have been good, and the townhall the other day in Edmonton apparently went over very well. So I thought maybe if I can follow the campaign more closely through the Liberal bloggers, I can light my own little candle for him and for the Liberals.
See the Liblogs listing on my blogroll -- there are more of us every day.
And I think Dion is already hitting them out of the infield. Here's the latest example, which made Jane Taber describe Stephane Dion as Hot:
[Dion] finally found a way to explain his so-called green shift plan.
At a rally in Napanee, Ont., Mr. Dion said that some people have called the plan complicated. “It's very simple. I will give you the Liberal plan in six words, you will see: Cut income taxes, shift to pollution.”
He then challenged Conservative leader Stephen Harper to explain his environmental plan in six words. “Okay, okay 10 words. Thirty words? No, no I will help him. In two words: No plan.”
See how great this is? This is exactly what I was talking about. Harper must be feeling sort of gobsmacked right about now.

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