Thursday, May 28, 2009


Boris asks Dear Leader what the fuck is wrong with you?
. . . there is no excuse for the way you've carried on since you first found office. "Tapes"? Seriously man, you're a thug. . . . You nursed your grievances and rage and let them putrify and corrupt you like Annakin Skywalker.
Really, it must be hard to hang on to that kind of anger.
I keep remembering Rick Mercer's story in December about the Potemkin supporters, Conservative staffers who were sent to 24 Sussex to cheer when Harper drove past.
Mr. Harper, by all accounts, actually believed that the young people were there of their own accord and represented a groundswell of love and support for his actions. Staffers in the Prime Minister's Office know that he is easier to handle when being applauded and not questioned.
Lord save us from another prime minister with borderline personality disorder.

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