Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tricky Dicky North 

Talk about fiddling while Rome burns, Harper is listening to Iggy-tapes while Canada goes broke.
Steve V calls his post about this "Harper Unplugged" but I think it's more like Harper Unhinged.
A BCer in Toronto posts Ignatieff's response -- Employment Insurance claims are up, stimulus funds aren't being spent, we're got a $50 million deficit, and our Prime Minister is chortling about listening to tapes? Yes, its definitely Nixonian, as Iggy says:

Then again, maybe Harper could learn something by listening to Iggy -- you may have heard he was at Harvard?
But actually that crashing sound reverberating across the country is not just Harper burning, its the other shoe dropping.
Now we understand why the Conservatives started running those ridiculous attack ads about Ignatieff -- they were trying to push him off-balance before the news got out about the deficit.
Didn't work.

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