Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Obama's health care plan 

The Republicans think they can kill Obama's attempt to improve US health care just like they killed Clinton's attempt in 1993.
But though the tactics of lying, denying and distracting used by the health care lobby, the Republicans, and Fox News haven't changed, two other things have: today, we have blogs to create the message and MSNBC to deliver it. This time, I think the bloggers and MSNBC might be able to combat the political and corporate forces of darkness who want to sabotage health care reform in the US.
It appeared that Obama initally underestimated how tough a fight it was going to be, and how powerful the forces who want him to fail. He's learning. Health care reform supporters like Jon Stewart and Paul Krugman are telling Obama to smarten up and get a message:
The essence is really quite simple: regulation of insurers, so that they can’t cherry-pick only the healthy, and subsidies, so that all Americans can afford insurance . . . what it means for the individual will be that insurers can’t reject you, and if your income is relatively low, the government will help pay your premiums.
That's not quite the 'single-payer" nirvana that is the way we do things in Canada, but considering the complexity and size of the US, I have come to believe that perhaps its the best their federal government can do for them.
And finally, the Democratic party is coming out swinging, with an ad campaign to confront the astroturf disruptions of their town hall meetings:

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